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New Year Resolutions Anyone?

On Dec 31st we sat down as a family to look back at 2011 and made lists of all the things we could be grateful for. It was fun when yours truly missed the new car that we’ve been blessed with. I quickly covered it up saying I was thinking of more important things. My fab family didn’t believe me for a minute!

Having thanked the Lord Jesus for the things on our lists we then each made 5 goals and Daddy Cool made sure he wrote everybody’s lists down for review. And we will – team Pawar is serious about this 🙂

What about you? Any goals for 2012? Go ahead and tell us; leave a comment here.

If you haven’t here’s a helpful article that I read earlier today on this: http://tinyurl.com/87ou7xc


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Gospeltechlife is hosted by Indrajeet 'Inder' Pawar. Happy husband to Manju, privileged father to the trio - Divya, Roshan and Deepa, grateful for the opportunity to serve Grace Church, Nashik. Changed by the gospel, love technology and blog here about some of my favourite things.


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