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Worldwide Internet Stats

John Piper in explaining Desiring God’s 3.0 web strategy and the transition they are undertaking here mentions these incredible internet stats: “The population of the world just crossed the seven-billion mark. There are currently an estimated 2.26 billion Internet users worldwide — one billion of which are from Asia, and only 273 million of which … Continue reading

Tech Trouble

Another great post from Mike Wittmer on the internet and its effects on our brains. Its his summary from a few top tech books he read. It’s so good that I thought I’d re-produce it here entirely instead of just linking to it. Here it is from http://mikewittmer.wordpress.com/2012/01/14/your-brain-on-technology/ “Over the last week I read some provocative … Continue reading

Wi-fi Android Ready DigiCam

The lines between cameras and phones are getting even more blurred. Infact the latest series of Apple 4 S adverts on TV suggest that we buy it for the camera more than the phone. Here’s another blurring with a new digicam from Samsung with built in wi-fi which according to Wired’s Gadget Lab helps the … Continue reading